TouchKit Spark

Nortd Labs' TouchKit is a modular multitouch development solution with the aim to make multitouch readily available in an open source approach. The system is comprised of software and hardware components. For both we provide the source files and welcome you to use, study, and appropriate the code and schematics for your work or projects (of course, giving us credit won't hurt your nerdcred either). We are interested in TouchKit being a plug-and-play solution for simple projects and an easily extendable base for experimental and cutting-edge endeavors.

Created by NOR_/D Labs. Sign up on our mailing list for (infrequent) updates and release information. For press inquires, commission request or exhibition schedules please email us. Designed by NOR_/D Labs, 2010 and produced with the support of Eyebeam Atelier.

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