Creative Commons License
Here you will find all the source code and hardware design files we have developed for the TouchKit. All our software is available under the LGPL 3.0 license. Some software we rely on is released under different but compatible open source licenses. Hardware designs are available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. We encourage both private and commercial use of our work and ask to share your improvements with the community by posting to the mailing list. We also appreciated attribution (karma is good) when a project launches. If you are interested in alternative licensing please contact us. We don't bite and are always open to new ways of doing things.


TouchKit Spark is now fully supported by the VirtualAwesome application framework. This framework allows straight forward interfacing with the Touchkit hardware and gives users a framwork to create powerful C++ multitouch apps. Simply download VirtualAwesome and run the exampleTouchkitSimple code. Start coding your own apps with VirtualAwesome or rip out the tracking code and use it in your own frameworks.

For details on how to set up see the setup page. If you are looking for the legacy openFramework integration check out the old setup page. If you'd like to submit a demo or example please email us or post it to the mailing list. We are always excited to see new work.


For the TouchKit Spark we provide all the essential design documents for download. This means you can both build the system from scratch and also easily maintain any Touchkit system you already have. For your convenience, you can also order fully assembled systems directly from us which cuts out on any built/debugging time.

The systems are built from three layers of acrylic. We call them rear, internal, and cover throughout the design documents. Rear is made from 3mm PLEXIGLAS® RP Grey 99561 RP, internal is made from 8mm clear acrylic, and cover is made from 3mm opaque black acrylic. Each layer is laser-cut according to the files below. A complete screen also comprises IR LED illumination, power, cabling, plastic screws, and a camera system. We use a high-framerate firewire camera which we modified with an IR bandpass filter.

For details regarding the assembly process feel free to ask questions on the mailing list.