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... is a C++ applications framework for graphics, audio, and interface programming. It bundles state-of-the-art libraries and exposes them under a simple API. The framework is built around the OpenSceneGraph library. We use is as our rendering engine and in many ways it functions as a coding style guide.

You can use va to write native applications with dynamic graphics and user interfaces. You can programmatically generate geometry, imagery, and sound. You can design interactions and define behavior both for the user and for other machines over the network. New features come without bloat in the form of addons.

VirtualAwesome makes heavy use of the C++ std library. At the same time we are quite conservative with advanced language concepts like templates and smart pointers. They find its way into the framework only when significantly contributing to the overall simplicity and ease of use. In this regard va takes lessons learned from projects like OpenFrameworks and Processing.

VirtualAwesome is written in cross-platform C++ and supports OSX, Linux, and Windows. It is setup for easy integration of keyboard, mouse, scroll wheel, pen tablet, and multitouch. It can load png, jpeg, bmp image formats and obj, 3ds, stl, osg 3d model formats. It also has many useful features like vertical syncing and full-screen multisampling.

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(VirtualAwesome started out as "SceneExpression")