Check out this video -- a rundown of the installation.

Getting Started

The VirtualAwesome source code is structured in a way that you can start coding right where you download it to. There are no libraries that need to be installed. All the apps you develop are pretty much self-contained and ready to be deployed. On Linux you may need to pull some dependencies depending on your distribution/setup.

The VirtualAwesome library is generally used with an IDE. The primary supported ones are Xcode on OSX, Code::Blocks on Linux, and Visual C++ 2008 Express on Windows. If you are happy coding with your favorite text editor you can also use plain Makefiles on Linux and OSX.

The key to easily support such a wide variety of development environments is cmake, an increasingly popular cross-platform build tool. The way it works is that we have added a few CMakeLists.txt files to the sources which cmake uses to generate the native project files of choice. The generation is easy and only requires a few clicks in the cmake-gui application.

Quick Guide

  1. Download VirtualAwesome sources.
  2. Download cmake and generate project files (in-source).
  3. Open project in IDE and build example apps.

    In case you don't have an IDE yet install one of the following: Xcode, Visual C++, Code::Blocks

If you run into problems let us know on the Discussion List.

Detailed Guides

GettingStartedOnLinux GettingStartedOnOSX GettingStartedOnWindows

What's Next?

Writing your own apps is just one step away. Check out the guide on StartingNewApps as well as the Introduction to the API.